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CTI side event at UNFCCC Forty-second meeting of the Subsidiary Bodies – SB42 Bonn, Germany June 5, 2015 Bonn, Germany June 5, 2015

The Climate Technology Initiative (CTI) held a side event at the 42nd UNFCCC Subsidiary Body Intercessional Meetings at the World Conference Center in Bonn, Germany on 5 June 2015.  The event, entitled “Mobilizing Private Finance for Climate Action,” was organized jointly with REEEP and KfW. It was well attended by 35 – 40 participants from a broad range of stakeholders including national delegates, private sector, international organizations, and NGO representatives.

Agenda & Presentation

Mr. Michael Rantil, the Chair of CTI Executive Committee and the CTI PFAN Manager opened the side event by welcoming the participants and provided an introduction and overview of the CTI, CTI PFAN. The programme included brief panel presentations from

  • Mr. Peter Storey, CTI PFAN Global Coordinator, on the development of CTI PFAN and the cooperation with REEEP and CTCN;
  • Mr. Jukka Uosokainen, Director of CTCN, on the work of the CTCN and the detail of the cooperation with CTI PFAN;
  • Mr. Martin Hiller, General Director of REEEP, on the Phased Financing Facility (PFF) Joint cooperation between REEEP and CTI PFAN;
  • Mr. Tim Stumhofer, Consultant to KfW, on tracking mechanisms of public and private sector climate finance sources.


After the formal contributions from the panelists there was a lively question and answer session, moderated by Michael Rantil with questions which addressed the PFAN project selection methodology, proposals for bundling projects into technology or geographical portfolios so as to reach investment scale, on leverage rates and comparisons between PFAN and the other climate finance mechanisms, the operations and experiences of the Phased Financing Facility (PFF) and the interface between CTCN and CTIPFAN. The event facilitated numerous discussions continuing into the margins between participants and panelists.