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11th CTI Workshop on Climate Policy and the Building Sector Berlin, Germany: November 12-13, 2010

CTIWS11th_1The 11th CTI Workshop on Climate Policy and the Building Sector was held on 12 and 13 November 2010 in Berlin, Germany.  Main objective of the Workshop was to provide a forum for decision makers and experts from various countries to share experiences and best-practice policies and measures for the improvement of energetic performance of the building sector.  Hosted by the German Federal Ministry of Environment, together with the German Ministry for Transport, Building and Urban Development, relevant international stakeholders were invited to attend the Workshop to discuss climate-driven energy policy and financing options in the building sector.

Agenda and Presentation

Day 1
Day 2

CTIWS11th_5More than 50 participants from 20 countries attended the Workshop and contributed to very active and fruitful discussions.  Among the participants were political decision makers from national and regional governments, financing institutions, implementing organizations as well as a wide range of experts in the field of energy efficiency, climate policy, CDM/JI and NAMAs.

While the first day of the Workshop focused on specific measures and policies available to reduce GHG emissions in the building sector, the discussion on the second day covered a variety of topics; financing options for implementing energy efficiency measures including credit lines and subsidy schemes offered by development banks; the Kyoto Protocol’s flexible mechanisms, CDM and JI; and, NAMAs.  The Workshop offered opportunities for the participants to present their views and discuss various options available at the roundtable and networking forum sessions.

CTIWS11th_2The Workshop re-emphasized the urgent need to adapt the CDM approach to the building sector.  It was also pointed out by the participants that potential applications of and opportunities for NAMAs will have to be further clarified in the near future.

In the closing remarks, Dr. Silke Karcher, Head of Division KI I 4, EU affairs and bilateral co-operation on environment and energy, stated that the German Federal Ministry of Environment will continue discussions in 2011 to promote further development in the area of CDM methodologies and NAMAs.