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CTI Side Event at UNFCCC COP19 Japan Pavilion – Agenda

CTI PFAN – Mobilizing Financing for Adaptation Related Projects

WHERE: Japan Pavillion, Room 47, Zone D4 – Level 1
DATE: Friday 15th November 2013
TIME: 13:00 – 14:00

CTI PFAN is working with adaptation related projects to help them prepare and structure to attract private investment using a proven model for mitigation. This event will introduce the firsthand experiences of the country representatives working with CTI PFAN on adaptation related projects.

13:00 Welcome and Introduction to CTI and CTI PFAN
Koji Hachiyama, Director, METI / Chair of the CTI Executive Committee
Elmer Holt, CTI Manager / Vice-Chair of the CTI Executive Committee
13:10 Status of its work on financing adaptation related projects using its tried and tested project development and financing facilitation methodology
Peter Storey, PPL International, CTI PFAN Global Coordinator
 13:20 Practical experience from project developers, who are benefiting from CTI PFAN support and advice, for the development, financing and implementation of technology transfer for adaptation projects in Africa
Humphrey Mulindi, Global Sustainable Ltd, developer of the Kaimosi Yala hydro project in Nigeria
 13:30 Inputs from investors / financing experts who are working with CTI PFAN on developing a financing framework & approach for adaptation projects
Michael Feldner, Inspire South Africa, CTI PFAN advisor in RSA
13:40 Summary