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CTI Side Event at UNFCCC COP19 US Pavilion – Agenda

From Concept to Reality: Mobilizing Private Investment for Clean Energy in Africa

WHERE: US Pavilion, Zone D1-D2 Level 2
DATE: Thursday 14th November 2013
TIME: 13:30 – 14:30

Climate Technology Initiative Private Financing Advisory Network (PFAN) supports small and medium-sized clean energy developers to secure private sector financing for their projects. In just six years, CTI PFAN has helped more than 40 projects secure over $500 million in private sector financing. The program has grown significantly in Africa and today provides extensive coverage across the region. This event will take the audience inside the CTI PFAN approach, walking participants through the coaching process, project development, and ultimately the national level impact. Panelists will include Michael Feldner, a long time CTI PFAN coach in Africa, Humphrey Mulindi, developer of the Kaimosi Yala hydro project in Kenya, and Prince Lekan Fedina of Nigeria who sees firsthand the impacts of CTI PFAN for clean energy in his country.

13:30 Welcome and Introduction to CTI and CTI PFAN
Elmer Holt, CTI Manager / Vice-Chair of the CTI Executive Committee
13:40 Overview of African operations, regional and country structure/coverage, and how they have grown
Peter Storey, PPL International, CTI PFAN Global Coordinator
 13:55 Layout how the CTI PFAN coaching process works and introduce a project in Africa
specifically the 5 MW grid connected biomass project in South Africa

Michael Feldner, Inspire South Africa, CTI PFAN advisor in RSA
14:15 Summary