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CTI Side Event at UNFCCC COP18 at US Center – Agenda

Bridging the Gap – Private Finance & Climate Adaptation Related Projects:

How Climate Adaptation Related Projects Can Attract Private Sector Investment

    WHERE: U.S. Center
    DATE: 26, November 2012
    TIME: 1:30 pm – 2:30 pm


Can private investment be attracted to adaptation related technology transfer? USAID supported private finance facilitator CTI PFAN is working with several adaptation related projects to help them prepare and structure to attract private investment, using a model already proven successful for mitigation.
As it turns out, there is investor appetite for adaptation under the right conditions. This panel will explore the first-hand experiences of the project developers and country representatives working with CTI PFAN on adaptation financing. This should provide highly useful information for anyone trying to leverage private capital and create a knowledge-sharing opportunity for audience members involved in similar work.