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CTI Side Event at UNFCCC SB32 – Agenda

Mobilizing private sector financing for mitigating climate change and promoting development using CTI PFAN

WHERE: GSI (Room S12) – Gustav-Stresemann-Institut e.V.
DATE: Thursday 3rd June 2010
TIME: 13:00 – 15:00

In order to supplement the scarce public resources available to finance technology needs for mitigation and adaptation in developing countries, CTI PFAN is successfully mobilizing private sector financing sources. Under CTI PFAN, experienced financial professionals work with project developers and project proponents to structure projects and prepare financing proposals with the aim of accessing private capital markets. CTI PFAN is currently successfully operating in Latin America, Africa and Asia. CTI PFAN has successfully raised 100 million dollars of investment, and is currently working on 52 projects representing 2 billion dollars of required investment. The side event will showcase examples of activities in a broad range of developing countries, focusing on Asia and Africa.

13:00 Welcoming Remarks & Introduction to CTI
Mr. Elmer Holt
Chair of the CTI Executive Committee
13:10 Opening Address
Mr. Bruce Wilson
Chair of Expert Group on Technology Transfer
 13:20 Keynote Address
Mr. Phillip Gwage
UNFCCC national focal point for Uganda
 13:40 CTI PFAN – What it is and how it works
Mr. Peter Storey
PPL International, CTI PFAN Global Coordinator
 14:00 CTI PFAN Africa – Launch of CTI PFAN Africa Forum for Clean Energy Financing (AFRICEF)
Mr. Peter Storey
PPL International, CTI PFAN Regional Coordinator for Africa
14:30 Questions and comments from the audience –  moderated by Mr. Holt
14:50 Summary